SART Carriage Requirements

SOLAS Chapter III/26.2.5


This amendment has been adopted on 12 December 2002 in IMO Resolution MSC.134(75).

Regulation 26 - Additional requirements for ro-ro passenger ships

The following new subparagraph .4 is added at the end of paragraph 1:

before 1 July 2004 shall comply with the requirements of paragraph 2.5 not later than the first survey on or after that date."

The following new subparagraph .5 is added at the end of paragraph 2:

Liferafts carried on ro-ro passenger ships shall be fitted with a radar transponder* in the ratio of one transponder for every four liferafts. The transponder shall be mounted inside the liferaft so its antenna is more than one metre above the sea level when the liferaft is deployed, except that for canopied reversible liferafts the transponder shall be so arranged as to be readily accessed and erected by survivors. Each transponder shall be arranged to be manually erected when the liferaft is deployed. Containers of liferafts fitted with transponders shall be clearly marked.
* Refer to the Performance standards for survival craft radar transponders for use in search and rescue operations, adopted by the Organization by resolution A.802(19).

SOLAS Chapter III/6


2.2 Radar transponders

At least one radar transponder shall be carried on each side of every passenger ship and of every cargo ship of 500 tons gross tonnage and upwards. At least one radar transponder shall be carried on every cargo ship of 300 tons gross tonnage and upwards but less than 500 tons gross tonnage. Such radar transponders shall conform to performance standards not inferior to those adopted by the Organization.[5] The radar transponders[6] shall be stowed in such locations that they can be rapidly placed in any survival craft other than the liferaft or liferafts required by Regulation 26.1.4. Alternatively one radar transponder shall be stowed in each survival craft other than those required by Regulation 26.1.4."

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